5 Tips For a Scandinavian Style Bedroom On a Budget

We spend many hours of every single day in our beds. So it only makes sense that we invest in making them as lovely as we can. After a Scandinavian style bedroom? Here are five items you’ll need.

A chandelier

When you consider a Scandinavian style bedroom, you give a lot of thought to items in your eye line. This might be your perfume collection or the books by your bed. You also think about the floor, and if it is warm, soft and welcoming.

But look up! After all, that is the direction you’re looking in when you’re in bed.

5 Tips for a Scandinavian Style Bedroom on a Budget | UK Lifestyle Blog

The best way to make your ceiling look fantastic? A chandelier of course. A plain lampshade will do the job of lighting the room, but a chandelier adds that extra touch of luxury. Did you know, you can also get some that reflect amazing patterns onto the walls?

A good bed

Your bed is understandably the most important part of your bedroom. So why cut corners? Remember all that time we mentioned you spend in your bed and bedroom? Shouldn’t that be done in comfort? You deserve a good night’s sleep.

Consider a hypnos bed; being from a family-run business you’ve got generations of knowledge about how to make a great bed. Think about your mattress and pillows, also. They all contribute towards how comfortable you will be each night.

Fresh flowers

Unless you have terrible hayfever, every bedroom should have a vase of fresh flowers in them! Especially if you are after a Scandinavian style bedroom. Think colours that compliment the decor.

If you already have a very colourful bedroom, a white bunch of baby breaths or tulips will look classy. Flowers add a touch of nature to the room, and can also contribute towards improving air quality in the room.

5 Tips for a Scandinavian Style Bedroom on a Budget | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t forget to keep them in the right place. Too much sun and they will dry out. Too little sun and they will die. Keep them watered, and change the water every few days. It can go smelly if not, which is not the scent you want for your bedroom!

Soft bed sheets

There is nothing worse than firm and scratch bed sheets. Not only are they difficult to fall asleep in, but you might also not be able to sleep the whole night through. New bed sheets are often a little tough.

Soften them up by washing them before use, and be sure to use a quality fabric softener in the wash. A bit of use will loosen them up too. But if it still doesn’t do the trick, the material might just not be of a good enough quality. Upgrade and you will notice the difference immediately.

Wall art

Some people can feel a little perturbed with photographs of friends and family in the bedroom. This is understandable. So what do you put on your walls if you don’t want photographs? Art, of course. Thanks to stunning imitation and canvas prints, having art no longer has to cost you thousands of pounds! Affordable art is out there.

5 Tips for a Scandinavian Style Bedroom on a Budget | UK Lifestyle Blog

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