6 Hacks To Imrove And Refresh Your Bathroom

There are two main rooms in the home people usually choose when they are considering a renovation project. One is the kitchen, and the other is, you guessed it, the bathroom. You might wonder why this is. Typically, short of adding an extension, upgrading these rooms is the best way to add value to your home. It’s also one of the first rooms in the home that potential buyers will judge. It won’t be one of the first rooms they see, but you can bet they’ll be paying a lot of attention to your bathroom.

Does it look modern? Are the fittings old or new? Has it been kept clean? Of course, selling your home isn’t the only time that your bathroom will be judged. Guests will have a look at it too, and that’s why most people make it their priority for renovation.

6 Hacks to Imrove and Refresh Your Bathroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

But before you start looking in the catalogues and searching for ideas, you need to read reviews to get a peer based idea of what it will cost, how long it will take etc.. Bathroom renovations are expensive. If you’re going for the full overhaul, you should expect to pay nothing short of a few grand. That’s why we’re going to tackle the best bathroom design concepts, starting with the cheapest.

Add Some Accessories

Different accessories in your bathroom really can glam it up and make it look a lot more stylish. You might add some candles or incense. These will make your bathroom smell wonderful and give a soothing atmosphere when having a night time soak. I love this idea, and I’m sure you do too. The best part is that these candles will probably only cost a few pennies. But they’ll completely reinvigorate the room. Alternately you might add a bowl of potpourri for beautiful scents and added colour.

Other accessories can be added to the walls of the bathroom. For instance, you can buy some lovely pieces of pottery to hang on the walls for a little touch of decoration. Again these will give a touch more colour and look stunning if your bathroom is a light shade of cream.

Install a New Shower Pump

This won’t add much to the look of your bathroom. But it will make your showers a lot more pleasant. You’ll get a bathe that feels terrific with water cascading down your body. If you’re tired of your shower emitting a drizzle early in the morning this is the upgrade for you. It’s a little more expensive than the accessories we mentioned but well worth the cost, believe me!

Wall And Flooring Upgrade

How much this costs will depend on how big your bathroom is. But I expect it will be somewhere in the low hundreds. It’s the easiest way to completely alter the entirely look of the room without a lot of work. Don’t forget when you’re painting that different colours have various effects. If you want the room to look grander, try a lighter colour or paint the whole room a beautiful cream. Contrasting colours like black and white also makes rooms look bigger. Or, if you want your bathroom to be both comforting and stylish a rose red will create this effect.

For the bathroom floor, you may not have the money for a complete upgrade so try this. Add a layer of epoxy resin to the floor. It will give any floor the look of clear glass or even running water. The effect is tremendous, and it is certain to dazzle both guests and buyers.

Extra Class

If you want to add a little extra class to your bathroom without too much expense, why not buy and install a bathroom bidet? The bidet is a French device for use after using the lavatory. A bidet has been shown to be a lot more hygienic than using toilet paper, but that’s not why you should buy one. The bidet is a device that is always linked to wealth and fortune. Somewhat surprisingly, they don’t cost a lot at all.

Upgrade Your Shower or Bath

Or you could upgrade your bath. If you have a small bathroom, one possibility to consider is choosing a new corner bath. This conserves space and is very stylish. Other people prefer a vintage porcelain tub that stands on four legs. It’s entirely your choice, and it’s perhaps one of the most expensive changes you can make to your bathroom. Alternatively, if you don’t have room for a bath, you can upgrade your shower enclosure for a quick refresh, which will give your bathroom a completely different look.

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Steam And Clean

Then again, if you have it in your budget, and you want to make a big change add a sauna. A good sauna installation will cost just over a thousand, but it’s worth it and something I’m currently considering This will add tremendous value to your house and do wonders for your skin whenever you use it. It might be the most expensive option on this list, but it’s certainly one of the best. It’s likely to save me money in the long run, considering the amount of spa days I go on!

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