Amtico Benefits Your New Year Renovations

We all plan for that ‘New Year, New Me’ approach as soon as the holidays come to an end, and that stretches to the home also. People will be looking to change their decor, their furnishings, and give the home a whole new feel for 2021.

One aspect area people are thinking over is what kind of floor could they lay in order to make their home a bit more presentable when it opens up to having visitors over, being bored of seeing the same old flooring that has seen heavy foot traffic throughout 2020.

This is the perfect opening for Amtico luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to benefit the overall picture.

Amtico Benefits Your New Year Renovations | UK Lifestyle Blog


The Kitchen is a room that has seen a lot of activity throughout 2020, from those extra cooking experiments to those times where sitting at the table as a family for a meal has been more present.

In looking to change up the kitchen and bring more life to it, or make it more spacious, people look at changing household appliances, maybe installing a new cooker or a washing machine that has a dryer or going so far as to have an extension built on the back of the kitchen to provide a family dining area or chill out area. Amtico vinyl planks and tiles are perfect for this kind of renovation whilst providing a cheaper alternative to real floorings, such as having a perfectly replicated stone floor without the cold feeling underfoot and wooden planks that don’t require waxes or polishes to keep looking fresh.

Even the cheapest Amtico flooring UK holds long-lasting durability perfect for those household experiments.

Amtico Benefits Your New Year Renovations | UK Lifestyle Blog


Looking to solve all those bathroom problems and have a spacious walk-in shower as well as a bath? With all that work to be done, you will be looking for a solution to the decor to be consistent.

To achieve this Amtico offers a vast array of colours, patterns, and styles from Signature Woods to Amtico Spacia Stones in order to provide your floor how you want it with minimum effort. Being among the most versatile flooring options on the market, it perfectly fits various underfloors such as timber or concrete and can be installed over existing underfloor heating systems in order to not limit which type of vinyl you want to choose, which is a problem with other flooring solutions.

Your bathroom is the personal relaxation area where you can fully enjoy peace and quiet, so having a floor that doesn’t provide hazards from slips or raising sections could be the extra peace of mind you are looking for.

Amtico Benefits Your New Year Renovations | UK Lifestyle Blog


With its design consisting of high-pressure compressed resin during its manufacture, lowest price Amtico flooring is the most durable product that doesn’t suffer splits, chips, or discolouring like the genuine article even whilst serious renovation work is being undertaken.

Amtico is considered by some to be the best quality of vinyl in the marketplace that also comes with a lasting guarantee which makes it the preferred choice for areas with heavy traffic and footfall in order to have less hassle for many years. In choosing vinyl instead of hardwood flooring for the bathroom or kitchen, Amtico protects against moisture and humidity to provide true luxury without the concerns and a simple clean via either a mop or brush to get back to its original look.

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