Christmas Day Outfit Ideas: What To Wear For The Big Day This Year

As the big day draws closer and many of us begin to forget about work and start focussing on the festive celebrations, with thoughts of the wonderful food and drink, the presents, and most importantly the time we get to spend with our nearest and dearest.

For a lot of us, the months running up to Christmas are spent frantically searching for the latest and greatest presents to give, which means your Christmas day outfits are often neglected and left until the last minute.

If you are one of the many who have left the outfit ideas until the last minute then don’t panic, as this list of Christmas day outfit ideas will help inspire you and give a little direction.

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas: What To Wear For The Big Day This Year | UK Lifestyle Blog

Dressed Up

If you want to make this year’s festivities one to remember, then a formal outfit can make that a reality. If your plans are still standing and have not been affected changed with the latest Government announcement, then a formal outfit choice will steal the party this year. Think glam and sophistication when deciding on an outfit, a little black dress is always a winner, but why not go for something a little more standout this year with a sequinned number or consider using some vibrant accessories to make your outfit fitting for the festivities.


Sometimes this time of year calls for a chance to be a bit more casual in your approach to getting dressed. In any other year, you may have spent a good chunk of your time out of the house wearing a smart casual outfit or work uniform, but this year has been completely different, the pandemic resulted in lockdowns forcing us to stay indoors. You can take casually however you like it ranging from a relaxed outfit to a more formal casual look by dressing up or down with layers and accessories. In the unlikely chance, you are heading to a few places this year you can style your outfit differently throughout the day to suit your surroundings.

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Christmas Day Outfit Ideas: What To Wear For The Big Day This Year | UK Lifestyle Blog


This time of year calls for one thing, and that’s being cosy in front of a fire sitting comfortably with your favourite festive tipples and Christmas specials of your favourite programmes. When choosing your festive comfies any old garments will not suffice, this time of year is special and calls for an outfit as grand as the day. If a lounging outfit is what you have in store this year then consider a personalised number from Banana Moon Clothing to make your holiday season even more special.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without an ugly Christmas sweater gracing the dinner table! If you want to liven up the holidays this year check out the huge range of Christmas sweaters available, with bands from all genres offering their own, and even cult films and TV series showing their festive spirit. This outfit will guarantee some festive fun, and if you want to introduce a little bit of healthy competition between your family members suggest a Christmas sweater competition.

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas: What To Wear For The Big Day This Year | UK Lifestyle Blog

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