How to Comment on Blogs Effectively

Comments are the most important and a rewarding part of running a blog. Its importance relies on the fact that a comment is both a feedback and a way to build a relationship between our readers and us.

However, I have noticed that on all major blogs -actually, on all blogs I’ve seen lately- comments have seem to have lost its original purpose – to add value to the discussion and enhance the learning experience of all the people participating on it.

How to Comment on Blogs Effectively | UK Lifestyle Blog

This whole situation made me think of an old saying that goes like this: “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Even when blogs are being populated with meaningless comments, we can still take advantage of this on our behalf and create new opportunities to consolidate our blog by networking with other writers while attracting and engaging new readers.

Effective Commenting

There are a few mistakes people do when commenting on a site. These mistakes usually lead the blogger to moderate your comment – or just simply have it marked as spam, as I do sometimes.

Keep in mind that when you leave a comment, you’re also leaving a mini-resume of who you are. A good, highly relevant comment can not just attract the focus of attention but also create a reaction on the viewer: the blogger and his / her readers. This is something you want.

No, I’m not asking you to go spam every blog you find on your way but to comment effectively to drive more visitors to your site and if possible establish a connection with the blogger. Here’s what you need to do (and also what you must avoid at all costs!):

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Add to the conversation
Take your time and read the entire post. Contribute to the discussion taking place there and let everyone know your honest opinion on the subject. Don’t be afraid to disagree with the author’s ideas – just make sure you do it respectfully.

If necessary, quote external sources.
Sometimes it’s necessary to back up your thoughts with facts – when possible, support your ideas by linking to contents that can add up to the discussion. This will give your words credibility and also create trust around you.

If there’s nothing to add, don’t comment
Sometimes, it’s best to avoid commenting on a topic where you -for any reason- can’t really add any value to the conversation. It’s best to remain silent than commenting for the sake of commenting.

Ask intelligent questions
Don’t ask a question you already know the answer to. Challenge the blogger and its readers and ask an interesting question – something that when answered will provide a lot of value to all the people involved in the conversation (including you). Be the one promoting new ideas.

Participate actively
Getting involved in a discussion implies that you must also become a part of it. Interact with other readers and share your opinions with them.

How Can This Benefit My Blog?

I’m sure that most of you have already seen how powerful comments can be. However, for those who do not yet realize the importance of commenting, here are a few benefits that you can get just by writing a comment:

Get some Extra Traffic
There may be some people that will click on your name to find your URL to see what other interesting stuff you have to say.

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By commenting, you will surely find people who you can partner with. Make new friends and let everyone know about you and your site. There might be hidden business opportunity awaiting for you!

Usually, when participating in discussions our creativity gets expanded since we’re exposed to new ideas and different points of views. Use this to think of new, interesting topics to share with your readers.

The more you expose your ideas on different audiences, the more people will follow you. Branding your ideas is important because that creates connections – connections with the people that share your passions.

The more you’re exposed to others’ point of view, the more you learn about your field. Gaining experience is essential to build authority!

As someone else said, blogging isn’t only about sharing your point of view of the things around you – it’s also about joining the conversation where it is happening. It’s about reaching out to others and interact with new perspectives, incorporating new ideas to your arsenal.

Author: Sam Charles

Meet Sam, the creator behind UK lifestyle blog, Strawberry Squeeze 🍓 Sam is a newlywed living in Cornwall studying her PgDip in Strategic Direction and Leadership with the Chartered Management Institute 🍕🐰 She's also the Founder + Director of multi-award-winning SEO & PPC agency, Float Digital ✨

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  • So much of this needed to be said! I try to comment when I can/feel I should, and try my best to add to a conversation.
    As a blogger too though, it’s really nice to get comments! They make everything feel so much more real, so I always appreciate any comment I get (bar the horrible spam ones -.- )