How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Weekend

Wherever you are in your relationship, it will benefit from this surprise weekend away (you can read about when I surprised S with a holiday to Norway here). This is the perfect recipe to make time together. It is about finding space just for two. So, if you have sprogs, lovely as they are, it is time to farm them out. If this is your treat, then do whatever you can to keep it under wraps. You want this one to blow your other half away!

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

Book it.

Discreetly check the diary. Use subterfuge if you have to. You could make certain of their presence by promising one destination (not quite so exciting) and delivering the other. You will then need to book something. This is a bit of time together, away from it all. It is about rekindling some spark and finding quiet time alone. It has to be a cottage. Period. It has to be by the sea. Not a drive away from the beach but close, within walking distance. You want to be able to hear the sound of the sea.

It will have to have three or four extra things. A snug bedroom and a lounge with a real fire. This is also non-negotiable. It might also have a luxurious bathroom and a tidy kitchen. You’ll find a great selection online. Book one. Don’t make it at the other end of the country.You want to get there and not feel dead.

Go somewhere new. Choose a destination that neither of you know. That way you’ll have the joy of discovering it together. Try and book it for Friday night if you can, that way you’ll get the Saturday morning bliss of a lie in together. Otherwise, you could always add on Monday and arrange to have that off instead.

Plan what you’ll take.

If you enjoy a bit of cooking, make a list of things you’ll need, or work out where you can stop to get them. Go to town a little. Some nice wines, and few treats, something delicious and sumptuous. Don’t get too wrapped up in planning a complicated menu. Keep to simple dishes and tasty finger foods. Keep it nice and light. Bring a selection of teas and some good coffee; all the trimmings.

You can pack up the car discretely. If you are likely to want it, pack it. Make sure you’ve got the essentials right down the firelighters. There’s nothing worse that a fire that won’t light! Leave gifts to your discretion. A surprise book might be nice, some good music and a few movies. Candles would be a nice touch.

Let your weekend unfold.

Don’t get strung up on the details. You are prepared for anything and be prepared to do very little. This is all about you and the other, reconnecting. If all you do is stare at the fire and snatch a couple of walks, then that will be enough. If there’s a town or village nearby, you could explore. But keep this to the beach, the sea, the cottage and that all important fire.

With a little luck, the planning will pay off, and it all should unfold quite nicely. The bonus is, it really wo

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