This Is How My Dream Kitchen Would Look

All of us are dreamers when it comes to our home. Enough is never enough; we are forever wanting something new and improved! A room can never look perfect, something to make it better can always be added.

A new study, conducted by one of the premier producers of granite worktops in the UK has compiled a list of the most sought after features people want in their dream kitchen. Granite worktops, range ovens and a modern design topped the list for home owners if money was no object. 

The study, commissioned by Mayfair Granite has revealed the most desirable features UK residents would like to see in their kitchens if money was no object. The research polled 1,000 UK home owners and was split into five sections; worktops, flooring, appliances, lighting and style of kitchen, with participants asked to choose their favourite feature from each.

When researching your dream interiors through Google or Pinterest, you will realise it isn’t your taste that is lacking. Instead, it is the little space and the money you have to work with. Many of us spend the most of our time and money on improving our kitchen.

It is the heart of any home after all. It is also one of the rooms you can make look the most impressive. If I had unlimited space and size, this is what my dream kitchen would look like.

This Is How My Dream Kitchen Would Look | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Flooring

Below foot I would choose a classic looking, thick marble tile flooring in a cream colour. I would also choose to have it heated, as marble would be a little chilly on your toes when you are on the way to grab some midnight snacks! 

The majority of participants (32%) chose traditional tile flooring for their dream kitchen, while Vinyl (25%) and Laminate (22%) were also popular. Hardwood flooring was less popular, with sealed cork getting the thumbs down with just 8% of the vote.

The Lighting

Above me, as I danced around my glorious kitchen, there would be no artificial lighting at all, oh no! Within the ceiling, I would have a beautiful skylight from Sunsquare, that let in all the natural light I could wish for.

I would choose one pyramid shaped to raise the height of the room, making it feel even more spacious. For when it got darker in the evening, I would have strip lighting below my higher cupboards, to keep my kitchen looking alternative and modern.

The Appliances

A dream kitchen would have to have some impressive looking appliances in it. I would love an absolutely huge, double doored fridge with a water and ice dispenser installed.

You can even buy some that will give you the option of block or crushed ice. It would also be great to have a really high-end coffee machine that produced drinks as nice as a Starbucks. Along with an assortment of all the syrups they use!

An Island

I absolutely love kitchens that have an island in the middle of the space. They look so smart and make the kitchen look much different and individual from anyone else’s. I especially like when the hob is situated on it, and the extractor fan comes down from the ceiling to meet it. So modern!

Granite surfaces were voted the top worktop by participants with 39% of the vote, while quartz was also popular with 32%. However, restaurant and catering venue favourite stainless steel didn’t make the grade with only 5% of the vote.

The Finishing Touches

My dream kitchen would be laden with fancy finishing touches. I would certainly have a hose tap installed, one of these would make washing up so much more fun! Even the dullest finishing touches would be glammed up. I would be sure to have an electric bin that you simply wave over to open. A classic looking wine rack would also be a must, filled with bottles ready for any special occasion.

This Is How My Dream Kitchen Would Look | UK Lifestyle Blog

We have to be practical, but there is no harm in dreaming. These are some of the touches I would definitely have in my dream luxury kitchen. What would you have in yours? Let me know in a comment below! 

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