Training For a Half Marathon

Continuing my healthy resolution, I’ve decided to take up running. It’s a great for your physical and mental health, it’s challenging and it’s completely free (except a pair of running shoes and a good sports bra). I’ve been trying to get on the treadmill and go for a leisurely jog since January, but with sub-zero temperatures, I’ve been a bit of a chicken.

Since getting a new job based a stone-throw from my house, I’ve found myself with an extra hour spare in the morning, which I’d usually spend sitting in my car driving to work. With some spare time in the morning and the sun starting to shine, it was time to get myself into a routine.

I decided to aim to run half a marathon – this felt like an achievable milestone, but still a decent challenge! Luckily, my best friend was keen to get involved and has been joining me on some of my jogs, motivating me to get out of bed and to keep up the pace.

Training for a half marathon | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ve already posted before about my new Nike sports bras and how great they are, but it was time to invest in more sports wear and a practical pair of running shoes. I’ve recently been running in my Everlast trainers, but they weren’t very comfortable and felt too tight even though I ordered them in the correct size.

Turns out, you’re supposed to buy one size up when buying running shoes. I got my Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit from Runners Need. I was genuine surprised with how comfortable they were, and how they formed to the shape of my foot straight away.

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Not to mention, they’re absolutely gorgeous!

Training for a half marathon | UK Lifestyle Blog

Burnt 176 calories, 4.25km in 31 minutes, Gyllynvase Beach – Tracked with Garmin Connect.

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