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I can barely believe it, that last week was the one year anniversary since I moved into my lovely home. I remember going through the buying process and feeling like I’d never get the keys, and before I knew it, 365 days had passed.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to share so many memories with my friends, family and boyfriend. This last week or so, the weather has been incredible – it’s given me some time to bask in the sunshine in the garden and reflect on the last year, and be grateful for everything!

Win £200 Love2Shop vouchers with DFS and your #SofaMoment! | UK Lifestyle Blog

You’re probably wondering why I’m getting all sentimental, and thinking: where’s the free Love2shop vouchers? Well, I’m getting there… I’ve teamed up with DFS to offer one of my readers £200 worth of gift vouchers to have a wee-splurge!

But what I want to know is – what’s your favourite memorable #SofaMoment? How do you enter? Easy! Let me know your top moment below and my favourite will win £200 of Love2Shop vouchers!

To give you a bit of inspiration, I’ve included my top 5 sofa moments I’ve had in the last year of living here:

  1. The relief of sitting on the sofa, the day I got my key – I had a glass of bubbly, and took a minute to take it all in!
  2. Having friends over a week after I’d moved in, when the doors were still off the hinges, but it was okay because we had a take away, a sofa and a rocking chair.
  3. Spending my first Christmas in my new home, opening presents with my family in the lounge.
  4. Sam and I had our first ever kiss on the sofa, after a lovely meal out at the Thai Orchard and watching the stars in the garden (turns out he was too nervous to make the move in the garden!).
  5. Snuggling up in the evenings with my little partner in crime, Petal, the mini lop. Just kicking-back and knowing, we’re home.
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  • My favourite #SofaMoment is sitting facing the garden and watching the sun set over the trees at the bottom of the garden.

  • My #sofamoment was when we moved to this property in Bridlington from Leeds. We arrived not knowing if the sale / purchase had gone through as there was no mobile signal, In a moment the phone rang – money cleared into bank, removal van arrived and I flopped down onto the sofa – the fact that it was in the drive in full view of the A165 was irrelevant!

  • The moment you bring your first baby home from the hospital and sit down on the sofa. You’re looking at them wondering what to do and this wave of responsibility hits you. You sink lower into the sofa, heart bursting with love, head overwhelmed with thoughts. But that little guy right there is all yours, and he’s home with you, surrounded by all your comforts. That for me right there. That’s been my favourite sofa moment.

  • My top moment is delivering the managed integration work of a blue chip corporates international project

  • I live opposite a harbour and my favourite Sofa Moment was the first evening in our new home. We’d had a really stressful day with the removal men, I was terribly homesick as we’d had to move 200 miles away from my old home and family and friends for personal reasons. I have a chronic illness so the move had been really trying on my body, I was exhausted and in considerable pain. We only had one sofa free of ‘stuff’ so me, my partner and 3 teenage kids all squished up together and shared take away pizza. As we sat, the sun began to set over the sea, and 2 huge boats went out to sea from the harbour. All 5 of us just stared transfixed, it was incredible, so beautiful and really strange to be seeing boats going past our front window, instead of cars! It was a moment of solidarity and the beginning of our new life here in Norfolk. ☺️

  • A very simpe one – kids asleep !!, curled up with my fiancee, some nibbles, a bottle (or 2!!) of wine watching a good romcom DVD.
    Nothing fantastic but it is a nice night

  • my #SofaMoment is when my 2 Border Collies snuggle up with me, which actually means they let me squeeze in on the end, but still, it is cozy!

  • My #SofaMoment was when we moved house while I was heavily pregnant (two weeks past my due date!). The removal men prioritised carrying the sofa into the empty house and I was helped to the sofa to direct the rest of the proceedings from the sofa.

    The baby came two days later and she is now 17 years old.

  • Every Saturday is my #SofaMoment when my parents and I sit down to share a pizza and some other delicious side orders while we watch a film – It never gets old.

  • My favourite #sofamoment was those seemingly all night cuddles while breastfeeding my first. I was a new mum, and exhausted, but there was something about those quiet times that I’ll never forget!

  • Bringing home my little westie pup Cara and watching in horror as she bounded up on the sofa and started savaging the cushions and wrecking the lovely nice new red throw I’d recently bought. She was so adorable that I instantly forgave her and now she has her favourite spot on the sofa where she curls up to go to sleep.

  • My favourite moments were with my daughter as a tiny but very alert pre-toddler. I’d sit her on the sofa and her teddy snowman would hide under the cushions and then spring out to say hello and she’d laugh. Silly game but we both loved it.

  • my #sofamoment was when i dislocated my knee cap and i came home from the hospital at 5am and i seen the sofa and it was heaven!! i had a knee brace on, could hardly move but all i wanted was to lie on the sofa and stay their forever!

  • My best #SofaMoment is feeding my newborn baby on the sofa watching daytime TV (I have two moments for my two beautiful children) xx

  • My favorite#SofaMoment was when we first married and had our first flat-we had a two seater sofa which was the only piece of furniture that we had in our living room and we would cuddle up on it unless we had visitors and then they had the sofa and we had the floor! x

  • It’s got to be sitting down after a hard day and the cat jumping on my lap, watching all my fav programmes and enjoying a glass of something with treats. I just have to make sure I get the wine and chocolate ready beforehand as I daren’t move after the cat has snuggled up on my lap!

  • We went camping round Europe for 2 Months, and being in our 50s the aches and pains were begining to tell, when we eventually got home, we both kicked off our shoes, and sunk into our sofa and thats where we stayed, both cuddled up, was absolute heaven

  • my #SofaMoment is coming home from working kicking of my shoes and chillin on the couch with a movie

  • My #sofamoment was at the tender age of 8, sitting on the sofa in my dressing gown. It was Christmas eve and I was allowed to stay up late to watch ‘Sinbad the Sailor’. I remember the twinkling of the tree lights and just feeling so content and happy.

  • My favourite sofa moment was when I bought it, I had been searching for over a year before we moved in to our home & eventually found a multihull original in a pre-loved store for £50 , not only is it the perfect size, colour & the comfort is insane the price was beyond belief. 3 years later and it’s still going strong.

  • My favourite #sofamoment was the day our 2 DFS sofas were delivered, the day after my partner’s birthday, and a long drunken evening before! We got up in the morning and sat on the floor waiting for the delivery, then, when they came we watched the deliverymen put them together and then leave.
    Five minutes later, we were both asleep on a sofa each! We woke up a few hours later after ‘testing’ them for comfort and agreed they were a good choice!

  • My favourite moment is bringing my daughters home from hospital after being born, those first snuggles on the sofa when you bring your baby home are amazing.

  • Cuddling up with little Isabella and hearing all about her exciting day at Nursery school. I just love it.

  • My favourite sofa moment is the first time I brought my daughter home from the hospital and held her on the sofa!

  • My lodger’s friend came to visit him and after a few hours chatting on the sofa, he asked me out and the rest is history – we’ve been together 8 years!

  • My husband actually proposed to me on our sofa many years! Not that romantic but lovely and unexpected and he was so nervous bless him!!!

  • when we had an unexpected snow day, and my two boys spend the day with me watching old holiday videos, we laughed munched, made milkshakes, and had an unexpected unforgettable day watching the snow fall, feeling cosy and very nostalgic x

  • My best #SofaMoment was when all the work (new kitchen, bathroom, each room needed plastering and redecorating) had been finished on our first house. The first evening watching TV on the sofa, and appreciating all the mess, hassle and cost of all the work was great

  • My top #sofamoment was after a cold winters walk. We got back with STANLEY the Labradoodle, made hot chocolate and snuggled up on the sofa with STANLEY at our feet.

  • My #SofaMoment was sitting down with my beautiful newborn baby boy, just thinking how incredibly lucky I was! Xo

  • #Sofa!oment is when my two cheeky monkeys are finally in bed and I can sit back with my Double Choca Mocha Coffee as well as catching up some great TV

  • Most favourite sofa moment is when my daughter came early , I actually gave birth on my sofa ! She came a bit suddenly lol I didn’t have time to get to hospital ,
    Still have the sofa now !

  • My favourite #Sofamoment is when I proposed to my now wife .
    We had friends round and no one knew what was about to do .
    She was sitting there and the next minute I pull out the ring and propose .
    She said yes !!
    Now we are married

  • Going into labour with my first child 9 days early. Sat there all chilled watching tv and my waters broke right on my new sofa! Not happy!!

  • My Favourite is easy. Last year when my mental health was really bad, I could barely leave the house and the sofa became my new best friend. My boyfriend at the time was my full time carer and had told me he had to pop out to visit a friend. I was sitting there, watching him get ready when he came over and said, I’m not really going out and then dropped to one knee and proposed to me!! He wanted to do it somewhere far more romantic but as I couldnt go out he decided to do it there and then!! Now I love this sofa even more!

  • My best #SofaMoment was watching England v New Zealand in the cricket earlier this year. I am from New Zealand and my husband is English so we had our respective country shirts on and the kids were wearing one of each! It was brilliant and we had lots of family banter 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is every saturday night when I sit down with my daughter and we share a pizza and watch a film together 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when we moved into our first home together, the 1st piece of furniture we had delivered was a DFS sofa – we just sat on it staring at the empty walls smiling that we actually owned a home of our own

  • I love cuddling up, on a Sunday afternoon, with my two year old and my husband and watching Finding Nemo. This is especially good on a rainy day.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was in the 2012 Olympics watching Super Saturday when our athletes bagged lots of medals

  • It has to be 6 years ago when my then boyfriend proposed to me when we were cuddling up on the sofa!

  • When you get in from work, having spnet all day on your feet and had a chaotic commute – you get your bag and coat off then slump for a moments calm and silence before the rest of the house get home!

  • My #SofaMoment was telling my husband he was going to be a Dad, at last. 12 years on and I’ll never forget the look on his face!

  • I like unusual sofas, sofas in unusual locations and so on. And I used to be addicted to going to the cinema and keen on unusual ones too. So my favourite #sofamoment is when I discovered a cinema (in Brisbane) that instead of regular seats had old sofas, armchairs, deckchairs etc.. Plus you could bring beer! First night on the sofa there was wonderful 🙂

  • I was only little and we had just moved into what is now my mum and dads house, it was freshly kitted out with a new carpet and fancy chesterfield-style wooden edged sofa. I came running into the living room with new school shoes, slipped and cracked my head open on the corner of the sofa! I needed stitches and still have the scar on my right eyebrow now.

    In my adult life I’m now only ever interested in material sofas! 🙂

  • Sitting down after a long week of moving in and laying floors etc. on our brand new sofa knowing all the hard work was over 🙂 #SofaMoment

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is each Friday night after work, knowing I don’t have to get up early the next day and have the whole weekend ahead to relax. A good reason to snuggle up for late night tv

  • The best ever #SofaMoment was having my grandaughter placed in my lap and seeing her for the very first time, I had been so very ill and the sofa had become my day bed, i was snugged up and settled in for the foreseeable future, but this moment will stay with me forever and a day !

  • My #SofaMoment is snuggling with my hubby in front of the TV watching a good horror movie and a nice box of chocs. 🙂

  • My #SofaMoment was when I was 10 and Mum set up the living room as a gymnastics venue – the sofa was the vault! It turns out sofa springs are quite good for providing flight but the back of the sofa didn’t appreciate the full force of a 10 year old landing on it to begin a somersault and from then on there was a rather ominous crack whenever someone sat down! That sofa has since been retired and it’s replacement is still going strong although admittedly it hasn’t been a piece of gymnastics apparatus as I’m a bit too old and heavy for that now!

  • Sitting my husband down on the sofa and giving Him the news I was pregnant (it’s not often He’s speechless)

  • My favourite #SofaMoment has been cuddling up on my enormous three seater with a blanket, the cat, a hot water bottle and my laptop for three whole weeks while my boiler was out of action this winter. My sofa quite literally saved my life!!

  • my fave sofa moment is when our little ones are fast asleep and I get to cuddle up to my hubby watching a good movie

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when we met my mams sister for the first time (my mam was adopted) and we all squashed on the sofa for a photo there was 6 of us tightly packed on the sofa and then the kids sat on our knees for a complete family photo.

  • My favourite #sofamoment was when my daughter was around 12 months old, we were both ill with the flu and feeling awful. however I was only concerned for her knowing that flu can be dangerous in youngsters. I looked at my daughter and saw her smile and wanting to get to and walk, so it was confirmation that she was over the worst and the worry disappeared.

  • You know when you get time to yourself, to lay out and enjoy your sofa in peace? No one there to disturb you, something you love to watch on TV (for me, it’s The Bridge), a cosy blanket to snuggle beneath, a glass of chilled wine and a freshly delivered pizza … THIS is my perfect #sofamoment and I’m overdue for another!

  • My favourite sofa moment was 11 weeks ago tomorrow, I was sat patiently and nervously waiting for my husband to pick up my 13 yr old stepdaughter and our 2 year old girl so that they could be the first ones to meet our new arrival. My little Indi walked in and said mama!! when she saw me and then she saw the bundle in my arms and straight away said ‘Awwww’ and went and came and sat on the sofa with her hands out wanting to hold her. They have been best friends ever since. X

  • My favourite #sofamoment was the day, some years ago when I’d finally saved enough to replace the huge, hideous, tatty, velvety monstrosity of a sofa in a horrible pastel pattern that I had inherited when I bought the flat. We were going to take it to the tip in the back of the car and I remember the superhuman strength I somehow found, armed with a saw and crowbar to reduce it to manageable chunks! The sofa that replaced it is pretty tired these days but I still remember the manic joy of getting rid of the old one!

  • I think my favourite moments are from childhood when it was the weekend and parents let me stay up more than usual to watch my favourite films. I loved how I fell asleep and my parents would carry me to bed. 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was actually giving birth on my sofa last year! I went into labour and had what they call a rapid delivery! My poor husband nearly passed out! Thank God the paramedics and midwife managed to get there just after Miles showed his head 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is when I make us a lovely buffet tea on a tray and we snuggle down to watch some really great film or program that we’ve picked out. We’re doing that tonight with an art program followed by Wallander, love them both!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is every year, the first evening the Christmas tree is up and fully decorated. The lights are twinkling, we put on a family film, all cuddle up on the sofa, and we have a glass of mulled wine 😊

  • My #SofaMoment saving up for our first new sofa after having gone for years with secondhand, it was perfect for the room and lovely to have something new no coffee stains or other marks, it was some time before we sat on it with a drink and biscuit and no putting your feet up even without slippers. Happy days.

  • My fave #sofamoment is when i have the house to myself for an hour, a cuppa and a nice book with my feet up on the sofa cuddling my dogs. Bliss!

  • My #SofaMoment is Squeezing my girlfriends onto the sofa for a girls night in with giggles and nibbles!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was sitting beside my mother whom has sadly past away now, every Sunday night watching some film or another, at the time I didn’t realise how much I should have cherished those moments, now I would give anything to have just one more night like that.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is when the kids are asleep in bed,
    I finally manage to watch TV; grown up stuff, past the watershed!

  • Sitting on the sofa with a takeaway the night we moved into our current place. It was a massive relief to have gotten away from the last place and we knew that the new one would really be a proper home.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is when I brought my son home from the hospital for the first time and our little family was complete.

  • #MySofaMoment is relaxing on a sofa with some Chocolate pizza, Doritos and a sweet and chilli dip while watching a good film with the family.

  • My most memorable #SofaMoment was when my waters broke and i went into labour with my daughter. I was 8 days late and there was no signs at all. I had tried all the usual old wilfes tales that day. Early evening i layed down and within seconds of getting comfy i felt a ‘pop’. As i got up it just all came! My daughter arrived 25 minutes later (five minutes after arriving at the hospital) and my two day old sofa was quickly booked in to be professionally cleaned!!

  • I have a ‘love seat’ from DFS. I love this seat. Heels off, the bra trick and curling up on this seat with a giant mug of tea – bliss!

  • My favourite #sofamoment is when I get in from a night shift at work knowing I’m not in work that night! I walk through the door, get some cereal and then slouch onto my sofa having a good laze!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is when my girlfriend and I have an empty house and I bring down the duvet and pillow and we cuddle up and put on a horror movie!

    This was how we went from friends to something more and I’ll never forget it!

  • My top #SofaMoment is when I get my two little boys to sit down whilst I hoover the floor trying my very best not to hoover up any matchbox cars. I slowly hover over them with the nozzle & then.. suck attack on their toes, bellies & sleeves. Hysteria & giggles all the way 😜

  • My #SofaMoment is after a busy day cuddling up on the sofa with my Hubby watching a good film & relaxing all cares away

  • My #SofaMoment is sitting on the sofa at the weekend with the family chatting over a cup of tea and catching up.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when I was just chilling with my laptop playing bingo and watching TV and all of a sudden I won a £5000 jackpot!

  • Our Dfs brown leather corner sofa was delivered when I was pregnant with our first child in 2009. My favourite #sofamoment has to be as I was relaxing one evening and I felt a little kick inside my tummy for the first feeling ever!

  • My favourite #sofamoment nowadays is sitting on my sofa with my laptop reading blogs and surfing the internet with a cup of coffee.

  • My #SofaMoment was when my baby boy was napping and I got to sneak off for a lie down on the sofa in the conservatory, cloud watching and drifting off to some much needed sleep!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is relaxing on the sofa watching movies with my sister’s, mum, nieces and nephew

  • My #SofaMoment is when my son was new born. I would lie on the sofa with him on my chest, just cuddling him and looking at him for hours as he slept 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is when we all curl up on the sofa to watch a new film with hot chocolate and a tin of biscuits. All 4 of us fit on one sofa and often the dog joins us too.

  • My #SofaMoment was getting home from the hospital with my first born, cuddling & watching him whilst settling myself after an unknown but special experience.

  • I delivered my son on the sofa it happened all so quickly but was an amazing not planned home birth with my Dad at my side.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is the first time my adopted stray cat felt comfortable enough to jump up & sit next to me. It was a long road to gain his trust as he’d had an awful & cruel start to life & as a result was understandably very timid & wary of people. That first time showed immense bravery and made the long journey we’d been on together worthwhile. Such a humbling & special thing when an animal trusts you. Now of course he is king of the sofa 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggled up under the duvet with my OH watching a DVD and enjoying a glass of wine.

  • My #SofaMoment is on a friday night snuggled up in my dresisng gown with my boyfriend and takeaway catching up with one of our series!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is when i moved into my new house. I was sitting on a awful deck chair for about 2 weeks before my sofa arrived. The relief of sitting on the sofa and the joy of curling up with the duvet was the best. I will never take my sofa for granted.

  • My #SofaMoment is getting home from work and sinking into the sofa enjoying a cuppa with my yorkshire terrier snuggled beside me

  • probably when ours memorably broke while sitting on it years ago so we had to go and get a new one! #sofamoment

  • My favourite #SofaMoment (s)!! all involve my 2 little one – cuddles while watching something on cbeebies, sharing books together, or simply talking about our day. Moment I hope I will never forget.

  • My favourite #sofamoment was when i’d frist had my daughter & i lay on the settee for hours just cuddling her & staring at her gorgeous little face,

  • I honestly have to say my best #SofaMoment was the relief I got when the guys at DFS managed to get my new 3 seater through the narrow door on my flat. I ordered it just before we found out that we had to move so I was really worried. They came to measure up a few days before delivery and put my mind at rest when they said ‘no problems…the arms will come off and we’ll put it all together when it’s all in’ 🙂

  • We’d just bought a new suite & were happily reclined one evening when we both decided to lean forward at the same time. Shock upon horrors the thing began to tip forward! If it hadn’t been for Mr Bang sticking his long leg out we would’ve tipped over completely & probably still be stuck under there now #SofaMoment what fun!

  • My #SofaMoment is watching a big sporting event like a Wimbledon final with Andy Murray or England’s Euro’s and World Cup games cheering them on and going through all the emotions with all the family

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was a few years ago when my nephew was about nine months old. My sister had come to look after me when I was recovering from a hospital visit and brought him along to cheer me up. When she sat him down on the sofa he was the spitting image of our dad in miniature with his chubby face and legs – all he needed was a flat cap! It was quite surreal and had us laughing a lot and it really helped me feel better.

  • My most memorable #SofaMoment was sitting down with a glass of wine and my husband in relief that the ceiling had only fallen down next to me not on me one Sunday night a few years ago!

  • My favourite #SofaMomemt was after a recent stay in Hospital. When I got home, was able to get cozy on “MY” bit of the sofa and stuggle with my Cats and Dogs! Wow it was a wonderful feeling!. Home is where the comfy sofa is as far as I’m concerned 🙂 Dxx

  • When I sat with my niece and taught her how to play a new educational ipad app. She learnt how to sort colours, sizes, shapes etc and had so much fun. It was lovely to snuggle with her and watch her learn and master a new skill.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment has to be falling asleep waiting for my delayed hubby to finally walk through the door after 9 long months away and waking up to his sweet lips on my forehead 🙂

  • my #SofaMoment is a personal journey i have been on since my baby girl was born. our new dfs sofa arrived when is was 38 weeks pregnant & compared with the old one this new sofa was like sinking into a marshmallow with my spd and swollen feet – it was bliss! Well for the next few months i almost felt like i haven’t moved! breastfeeding my baby girl has been incredible but also hard hard work with Eva having tongue tie, so i must have spent hours sat on it!! It will be a time i will never forget though & not she is 8 months nearly and we still have our morning feed together here before the rest of the house wakes 🙂

  • My favourite sofa moment was the first time big kev said he loved me, it’s been my favourite place ever since x

  • My #SofaMoment is when the kids are all in bed asleep, the dog has had his last walk and I am sitting with my feet up on the sofa finishing my cuppa before going to bed.

  • My favourite #sofamoment was watching Gremlins with our Connor who was about 4 at the time – he started sobbing at Gizmo having to leave Billy and go back to live with the Chinese man. He was heartbroke – was so cute though! Still a memory that I love!

  • My # favourite sofa moment is coming g home from hospital with my husband and baby son, just holding this tiny baby and thinking life can’t get any better than this

  • An old friend my sofa has been through the years,
    as I fed my baby son and mopped up his tears.
    Cuddles in the night when he’s had a bad dream,
    watching funny movies and eating ice-cream.

    Our #sofamoments have seen lots of laughter
    making dens with friends who sleep over after.
    When tackling homework we’ve had a welcoming seat,
    and at the end of a long day I have rested my feet.

    Now a big,tall teenager-depending on mood,
    he listens to music or munches on food.
    On our sofa he knows he can always come for a cuddle,
    whenever he’s down or feels in a muddle.

    The cushions are worn and have seen better days
    it sags in the middle and round the edges it frays-
    Our sofa has seen lots of memories made,
    and unlike the fabric they will never fade.

  • My favourite #sofamoment is snuggling up all cosywith the children Christmas eve watching family movies with our hot chocolates bliss

  • my favourite #sofamoment is when i finally have a chance to sit and watch a movie on the sofa with my husband and son.

  • My favourite sofa moment was last month on a wednesday night when husband told me he’d booked us a family holiday to Sri Lanka for Christmas this year #SofaMoment

  • I was a Housing Officer doing an empty flat inspection with a surveyor. The flat had belonged to an elderly gentleman who had moved to another flat with his cat. I saw a sofa that I thought ‘um vintage’ could do with a little renovation and would only be thrown away. I sat down on it and thought ‘nice and comfy’. We both then went outside and I realised the surveyor was a swaying mass of dark black fleas. I screamed, he screamed as I too was covered, there were hundreds upon hundreds of fleas. We rushed out on to the street whacking each other with our clipboards into the car screaming all the way back to the office through the office down to the basement shower, still screaming. I came out surveyors trousers were off, never forget that look. We infested the whole office, I had to see a doctor, the surveyor was fine as he liked to drink (fleas and alcohol don’t mix). My memorable sofa story

  • My favourite #sofamoment was when my newborn baby would fall asleep on my chest and I could watch her beautiful face while getting rest myself. The best time ever!

  • My favourite #sofamoment is collapsing on the sofa at the end of the night when everything is done (preferably with a bar of chocolate)

  • Boxing day last year for me. It was our second Christmas in this house (our first one bought together) We had my husband’s parents with us for the whole of Christmas, which was lovely (I don’t have any family) but on Boxing day his two twenty-something children – my stepchildren – came up for the day and evening. We had a fabulously silly family day – too much food, too much prosecco, and silly arguments over monopoly, but just seeing my hubby’s face with his whole family together for the first time since he and his first wife split up was wonderful. Our sofa only seats 5, so he was kneeling on the floor for most of the day, but he truly could not have cared less. Perfect, perfect day, and my best ever #sofamoment

  • My favourite #sofamoment ii snuggling up with my 3 grandchildren and reading them their bedtime stories

  • Life is crazy, busy at the mo. All with good things, but I’m out most nights, with various things I’m involved with. So my fave #SofaMoment is spending time at home, reminding myself why I still love home life best of all 🙂

  • My favourite Sofa moment comes when the rain is spattering on the window, the Sunday walk has been postponed and the whole family snuggle down together to watch a good old film together. We have snuggled down together on the same lumpy Old Sofa for twenty years – we’ve watched our three children grow up in our arms. Those Sunday afternoons with a blanket and the crackling fire are unbeatable…

  • My favourite #sofamoment was our first Christmas in our new home, when my two children were small. The central heating broke, leaving us freezing. On christmas evening we all snuggled up on the sofa with a quilt and snacks and watched the film Titanic together (rather an appropriate film considering the circumstances).

  • My #SofaMoment is whenever I am sat on the sofa and my cats come and join me and fall asleep in my lap!

  • The moment when our poorly kitty got up on the sofa for the first time after weeks of being too poorly to manage it by himself. He was given 3 months (at best) to live but he’s still with us a year and a half later and looking better than ever. Back then in those early weeks and months every small improvement was precious. The memory of him hopping up on the sofa to join us for snuggles has stuck with me as a sure sign he’s a fighter and will get better.

  • My favourite #sofamoment is snuggling up to my mum and watching tv together every evening. It’s our chance to catch up on each other’s days and have a giggle together!

  • I’m not gonna get sentimental but bring it to current times. My Sofa moments are sunday nights at 2am when I’m constantly bouncing backwards and forwards when something great happens on Game of Thrones.

  • My #SofaMoment was my first night in England after moving her with my husband from the states and feeling like I was home

  • My memorable #SofaMoment is quite a painful one. I was visiting my mums house, and we were both sitting on the Sofa, and my mum was cutting some fabric as she was making a dress for my niece.

    Unfortunately, a spider crawled over her lap and she flung the scissors in the air, hitting me on the head !

  • My favourite #SofaMoment would have to be the time my daughter, who had just started walking managed to climb up on the sofa by herself (after many attempts), our 2 Jack Russell’s were going crazy barking at me & worrying that she was going to hurt herself and both went up immediately to guard her, one on each side, which my 1 year old daughter thought was hilarious! 🙂

  • my fave #sofamoment is getting home from a 9 hour shift, getting my pjs on with a cuppa and relaxing whilst watching the new fish in the new fish tank we have just got. It’s so relaxing and peaceful after a hectic day 🙂

  • The best sofa moment I had was when I had my first beautiful sofa delivered and my first home and feeling the luckiest girl in the world. I was so proud haha

  • Many lovely moments on my sofa with my children and foster children but I think my favourite #SofaMoment was when a young mum came to visit her child that was in my care. They had not seen each other for a long time and both were nervous. My sofa had seen slightly better days as it had taken many a bashing from children and as the mum sat on the sofa next to her son, the cushion sagged down causing her son to roll into his mums arms – It was just like my knackered old but well loved sofa was taking care of the situation x

  • My Favourite #SofaMoment has to be when we moved into our first home together. It was stressful and tiring as we were starting from scratch and didn’t have much money – We got our Sofa very cheap from a local Facebook group and after a hectic few weeks once we had finally moved in and unpacked we sat on the Sofa, Ordered a Take Away and Just cuddled up and relaxed together full of excitement and relief! It was kind of perfect and the Sofa is still our favorite place to relax and catch up with loved ones.

  • being soooo nervous at my boyfriends house (our third date), he left me in charge of the TV and my hand was shaking flicking channels to find something to watch – I dropped the remote and we both bent down to pick it up and bumped heads haha.
    I stopped being nervous after that.

  • as a little girl and having the day off school ill and my Mum making me all comfortable on the sofa while I watched tv

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is coming back from hospital with my newborn, holding him tight and stretching on the sofa – feeling so overwhelmed by being a new mum at our new home

  • My favourite sofa moment is sitting down on a Friday evening after the kids are in bed and drinking wine, eating crisps and watching goggle box

  • We moved into a slightly bigger place and got a large red corner sofa on ebay which was a bargain as it was in really good condition. The seller advised us to ‘vacuum its dimpled buttons every day’. Hmm, that was never going to happen really but my partner Gaz was from the start really precious about the kids not eating and drinking on this new sofa, to try and keep it ‘nice’. This plan was going quite well, with the kids actually respecting our request re the food and drink, until Christmas day 2015 and he is sitting there with a glass of red wine in hand. I come in from checking the cooking to see that he’s fallen asleep, glass in hand. Suddenly, and he’s never been seen to do this before or since, he awoke with a spluttering start, like someone’s great grandad, and literally threw the red wine all over the sofa. I am so glad I was there to witness this as it was absolutely hilarious and definitely my best sofa moment in our new house.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was watching Disney’s Frozen with my husband, little girl Neave and cats Pepper and Dave all snuggled up together on a wet Sunday afternoon.

  • Cuddling with the children when they were small. Those are precious #sofamoments that foul never get back.

  • Last night was pretty much up there watching Wales score 2 goals at the Euros for the first time ever!!!!

  • I fell in love on my sofa. Slice of pizza in one hand, glass of wine in the other. Cat on my lap and my man by my side.

  • My fave #SofaMoment was at xmas day last year. I gathered my husband, 3 children and son in law and two grandchildren and we all piled on the sofa for a selfie. Not easy with so many faces to fit in. I love that picture so much as its everything that makes me happy and all the people I love. X

  • my favourite #sofamoment is cuddling up on the sofa watching a family movie supping hot chocolate 😀

  • my favourite #sofamoment was pushing our sofas together to make a sub because our bed hadnt arrived in our new house yet

  • My favourite #SofaMoment has to be snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of rose the fire burning and a good film

  • My #SofaMoment was coming home to find the dog had ripped the seat apart and there was orange foam everywhere and one guilty looking labby!

  • My favourite sofa moment was on 15th March 2005, waking up on the sofa at 6am, feeling like i had wet myself – when in fact, my waters had broken and i later went on to give birth to my little cherub!!

    Oh and the reason i was on the sofa, im not gonna lie, was that me and the fella had had a massive row so i kipped on the sofa!

    Still, a beautiful memory amongst the drama! xx

  • My #SofaMoment was when I bough my first house, I had ordered a new sofa but it wasn’t ready for 6 weeks which meant that I spent 6 weeks sitting on the floor. I’ll always remember the day it arrived. I felt like I had won the (sofa) lottery 🙂

  • my favorite #SofaMoment was when it got delivered after months of working and saving for something to sit on was just so over whemled ill never forget it and i still have it now love it 🙂

  • As much as it felt like hell at the time, my #sofaMoment was two years ago when my husband and I both came down with flu at the same time. Topping and tailing on the sofa, with the duvet and Bridget Jones on DVD!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment has to be cuddling up with my son to watch a film, it is quiet time together and perfect

  • My #SofaMoment is having a nice relaxing afternoon on the sofa with the curtains closed to the outside world with some cool drinks and snacks to hand watching a fab film.

  • My ultimate #SofaMoment was the day my new sofa arrived and I could finally get rid of my old one…
    My previous sofa which I had for a year and a half, my husband and father-in-law bought second-hand without my permission because “it was a bargain”. It was a 3-1-1, dark green with orange decor down the arms. You could only actually sit on one of the chairs and one of the three couch seats as the others when you sat down you hit the wood underneath the foam (it had all sunk in). I cried when I had come home to find that atrocity sitting in my front room but I hadn’t the money to do anything about it for over a year after. It didn’t help that I was 7 months pregnant when they got it, I could never get comfortable on the thing.
    We have had our “new sofa” for 4 years now and it is still as comfy as the day we got it, well worth the investment 🙂

  • On New Years Eve a few years ago I was sat putting my make up on whilst watching Hollyoaks before going to a party. My OH came in to the room and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. He had planned to ask me at midnight but knew he would have been nervous all night and couldn’t enjoy himself. That was definitely my craziest #SOFAMOMENT

  • My #SofaMoment was sitting watching Frozen for the first time with the kids.The wife and I and 4 kids sat squashed in eating our snacks watching the movie just a nice family moment

  • my fave #SofaMoment is every saturday, we have takeaway, munchies, snuggle and films on. i look forward to it every week xx

  • my favoutite #sofamoment would have to be curled up on the sofa under a blanket with a good book & a cuppa, 5mins of me time

  • my favourite #sofamoment . The first night I came home with my baby. We had been stuck in hospital for a week after birth, as I had to have a blood transfusion. The first night home my husband insisted on sleeping on the sofa with out son in his Moses basket. He had missed the first week of being with baby and waking up with baby in the morning and saying goodnight. This was his moment to be together. I walked through during the night to check on them both and they were fast asleep close to each other

  • My #sofamoment was this week! I finally got new sofas delivered, meaning I got rid of my boyfriends uncomfortable IKEA man pad one 🙂 hello comfort. Even he agrees they are better!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when I was about 7 months pregnant and lay on the couch, I told my husband to put his hand on my tummy as our baby was jumping round everywhere. As soon as he did it she went quiet so he lay his head on my tummy instead. Next thing she booted that hard that his head actually shot up in the air – I couldn’t stop laughing, at last he had some idea of what I felt every day!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was sitting on the sofa feeling lovely with my daughter when my granddaughter made the sofa into her ‘beauty salon’ … news flash, you’re never too old for ‘nail art’

  • When everyone else is in bed and I get the sofa to myself so that I can relax with my fleece blanket and a bar of chocolate.

  • My young son at toddler age standing on the arm of the sofa then falling on me like a wrestler doing a body slam, repeatedly and laughing and giggling so much every time he landed on me. Of course, I pretended that it hurt which amused him even more. One of many fantastic #SofaMoments with my kids.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is having a duvet day, so lounging on the sofa , under a cosy duvet , eating ice cream and watching a girlie film 🙂

  • Every week my beautiful girl and i have a catch up with our programs, order fat food and munchies and just enjoy each others company. that is my favorite #SofaMoment

  • My #SofaMoment was when my mum finally gave in and gave me her black leather HUGE corner piece that I spent the past 3 years persuading her she didn’t want anymore, Its the most comfiest plush sofa ive ever met

  • Mine was when I was watching episodes of Mr Bean with my family while there was a thunderstorm. The TV kept cutting out but we didn’t care because it was a great storm.

  • My #SofaMoment is once a week our little family (my boyfriend and two dogs) cuddle up on the sofa together and watch a movie.

  • my favourite sofa moment is the hour just before I go and collect my boy from school and I can put my feet up and have a cuppa before the mayhem

  • My favourite #sofamoment was setting my heart on this burgundy leather sofa which i really wanted then one day it was in my front room the joy and love when sitting on the sofa fills me with excitement and the smell of leather bliss

  • my fave sofa moment was a few years ago when i entered a tv comp on the Graham Norton Saturday live show! they transported my DFS sofa to the studio to set my hubby up!! we had to compete against a family and we won a trip to OZ!!! His face was a picture when they put our Sofa on the stage!! so that was pretty cool!!!! that sofa lasted us years and we always stick with DFS now as they are solid!!

  • My #SofaMoment was when I first brought my daughter Chloe home from the hospital and her sister Alexa held her for the first time nestled into the corner surrounded by cushions. Hubby and I were sat with them and it was out first moment as a complete little family unit x

  • bringing my youngest home from hospital and watching my 2 boys have there first cuddle as brothers was definitely my favourite #SofaMoment 🙂

  • Finishing my final year exams and getting to come home and enjoy an evening snuggled on the sofa with my boyfriend knowing that for the first time in months I didn’t have any work to do!

  • My favourite #sofamoment is coming in from work and getting lots of love from my beautiful Labrador, Cody.

  • Ok so I have two because it was so hard to choose..

    My boyfriend had recently brought me a puppy, I was home alone with her and thought I’d leave her downstairs for 10 minutes only for my mum to come home and scream up the stairs “JESSICA” I ran down and found my mums lovely white leather sofa completely SHREDDED. Not the best #sofamoment

    7 years later me and my still boyfriend and our not so little puppy brought our own home only to be living on cushions on the floor for a good 2 weeks waiting for our brand new sofa to arrive, you can only imagine my delight the day it came and as soon as the delivery men left I was slouched across it like a couch potato!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was sitting on the sofa with my laptop and checking my facebook account to find that I had won rattan conservatory suite from Next I was simply elated.This suite is the mist comfortable I have ever had it could not have come better time mine was so old. My most memorable #SofaMoment ever.

  • My favourite #Sofamoment is when i first brought my baby girl home from hospital. I sat on the sofa and she was so tiny lying asleep on my chest.

  • We’ve named our sofa the “sofa of contentment” as no matter how bad our days have been, once we sit together on the sofa none of it matters anymore. It was also the setting of his proposal to me 😊 #SofaMoment

  • When my children as babies learnt that they could climb and taking great delight in climbing on the sofa and sitting down #SofaMoment

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when our first ever cat was allowed in the house and decided to make the corner of the sofa his domain for many years since!

  • Best #sofamoment was spent with loved ones, watching old family videos, reminiscing about the way we were, and remembering those who’ve moved upstairs. There was plenty of tea and cake, and laughter, and a few tears. As opposed to awkward moments like falling asleep on your ex’s sofa and decorating it with your dinner, or having to distract your grandparents during scenes of an adult nature over your evening brew!

  • I love my sofa! We had always had second hand ones before our current sofas. They already hold so many happy memories but the best #sofamoment was the first night I brought my baby boy home from hospital. He was in a feeding frenzy so I stayed up all night feeding him with the cats snuggled at my feet. Absolute bliss!

  • My favourite #SofaMoment has to be when the kids are in bed, you’ve just sat down with a nice glass of wine, your favourite TV show is on AND you get a message from your other half to say he’s going to be late home. PERFECT! 😉

  • We were watching TV sat on the sofa when the news reported that gay marriage would be legal in 2015. I proposed on the spot and we did get married in 2015! Definitely the ultimate #SofaMoment for me!

  • My favourite sofa moment was the day that my son finally came out of hospital after being born 10 weeks prematurely and he sat on my lap asleep and I just breathed a big sign of relief!!!

  • My favourite #sofamoment was arriving home from hospital after giving birth to my son. I sat down with him in my arms and welcomed him home.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when Billy a very nervous and scared rescue spaniel first jumped up on the sofa for a cuddle with me x

  • Favourite #SofaMoment was when my dog used to curl up under my arm in the evenings, watching tv – chill time! She passed in April so that little moment seems more poignant now.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment has to be when me and my little premature baby finally both made it home sitting down on the sofa surrounded by our loving family and just breathing a sigh of relief to finally be there! ……..And we all enjoy lots of other amazing sofa moments since then such as first standing etc 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was lying on the couch and listening to my growing bumps heart beat, that my husband found using a fetal dopler

  • My #SofaMoment was when I saved up for my first sofa and not a hand me down It smelt lovely, was comfy and was all mine. Loved it.

  • I had been travelling in Australia, and I knew i was home sick, but i didn’t realise just how much.
    Not until i was home and curled up on my Mam’s sofa with my head on Mam’s lap.
    This is my #SofaMoment xx

  • My favourite #sofamoment is when we come in from a hard day in the garden and relax on the sofa in front of the telly with some good food and drink 🙂

  • family movie night is my fave #SofaMoment we always have a movie night every friday, we all curl up on the sofa with snacks and a good family film

  • My #SofaMoment is…. every night….i have to sleep downstairs because i have a long term lung condition and since having our dog 18 months ago he has slept cuddled up to me on the sofa. he is a pure tonic and keeps me warm in the winter

  • My #SofaMoment has got to be when our little boy was about 3/4 weeks old. I was chilled out on the sofa with the little guy happily eating my bowl of coco pops whilst holding on to him. I spilt a dribble of milk (chocolate milk) on to his white sleep suit. Totally didn’t think anything of it until my partners face of panic and checking him over because it looked like dried blood! I couldn’t stop giggling at the poor guy! (I haven’t dared eat a bowl of coco pops over the baby since!)

  • One of my most memorable sofa moments was just after I had my daughter my GP called around to check her I was sitting on one end of the sofa he sat the other end and fell through it,,there he was with his backside wedged down his briefcase balancing on his raise legs, it was a good job he had a sense of humour and laughed about it , poor man my husband had to pull him out and I was mortified

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is getting up off the sofa and my waters breaking with my first daughter, 48hrs later I was cuddling my baby daughter on said sofa.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was slouching day on my own sofa the day I brought my little girl home!! It was a combination of being at home on my own comfy sofa and snuggling with my brand new baby girl after 9 months of waiting!! xx

  • My favourite #sofamoment is cwtching up with my husband and cat and watching movies on a Frday night x

  • My favourite #sofamoment is sitting on the sofa after a great meal. You have eaten, drunk and relaxed however you know that the washing up will be done tomorrow 🙂

  • Breastfeeding my daughter for the first time at home, on our sofa where I can relax and not to worry about anything 🙂

  • My favourite #sofamoment is watching my little boy take his first few steps towards the sofa to get to the remote controls.

  • My favourite #sofamoment was when my 2 older girls went up to bed the night before I was due to be induced in hospital with my 3rd baby. To their surprise they came downstairs the next morning and their new baby brother had arrived during the night at home as I had wanted. We sat all morning having the biggests cuddles on the sofa enjoying our new arrival 🙂

  • The first night after we came home from me having my son, I’d had a c-section and my tummy muscles had split so I was struggling to move. So my partner made us a make shift bed from our two sofas so I could stay down stairs. So as I lay on the sofa with my new family whilst I was in agony I was in heaven finally feeling complete #SofaMoment

  • My #sofamoment is when the morning sun is streaming in through the living room window directly onto the sofa and I have the rare chance to sit down in it for a moment with a cup of tea. (it doesn’t happen very often!)

  • My favourite #sofamoment was when my brother Scott brought my new baby niece Arianna over to meet me for the first time. I sat on the sofa while i held her for the first time. One look at that smile and i was besotted. Uncle Jamie now visits regularly to spoil the little Princess.

  • #SofaMoment diving down the back of the sofa for money and I got my hand stuck, I could not reach the phone and had to wait 3 hours for my partner to come home, he still laughs at me today needless to say I let him do it now

  • being a 24/7 carer and mother i don’t get much time to relax ,so when I can I sit on my sofa with my little shitsu Alfie, and 11 kitties with the electric fire on my laptop and mug of hot choc near by of course good tv In the ackground ,that’s my little me timein the late evening it helps chrges the batteries and destess me for another day ahead.really lovely giveaway ideed

  • My favourite #sofamoment was when my son was about 18 months old and he would have an afternoon nap on the sofa, our new kitten, Jess, would wait until he was asleep then snuggle up to him and go to sleep too, so sweet. She’s still his cat and he’s nearly 17 now. x

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddled up with my kids and a big stack of books having story time together. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  • #SofaMoment after a 2 week cruise round the med , all blown out , chilling on the sofa with a coffee, taking in the memories what id made

  • When we got our dog for the first time. he was shy as he had been moved about a lot but then he jumped onto the sofa and snuggled in and we knew he felt he was at home

  • My favourite sofa moment was the day we brought my rescue dog home. We rescued a 145 pound newfoundland girl who had been badly abused and never had love. She stank of urine and her long coat was full of what we hope was just mud. She had spent the day flinching, cowering and hiding. On the night our other dog had climbed up for a cuddle with my mum. I kept patting the settee for Nessa to get up. You could tell she wanted to, it took her 2 hours to build up the courage but finally she climbed up. It took her another 45 minutes to relax but she ended up cuddled up to me with her head under my chin, experiencing love for the first time. I really didn’t care she stank I just found it amazing that after 5 years of abuse she could still trust. She is a happy girl now and we still have nightly cuddles xx

  • My daughter has the worlds most painful cronic pain disease which leaves her in constant agony. She recently had 2 spinal operations to fit a device to try and control the pain. There was no guarentee it would work. My favourite #sofamoment was about a week after the 2nd operation. We were laid on the settees having a movie night and she suddenly started crying. She started crying because for the first time in 3 years she didn’t hurt. Hearing those words come out of her mouth was just amazing. We spent the rest of the night cuddled on the settee talking about all of e things she would be able to do again. It was the night she got her life back. She is still in pain most of the time but is a million time better.

  • My #sofamoment was cuddling my grandson for the first time when he came home from the hospital….he is my world! Love him more than life itself <3

  • #Sofamoment was after being away for a few days and my Teenage kids came for a big cuddle. Must go away more often.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is after a long day out coming home, all of us piling on the sofa; me, my partner, our 2 and 3 year old and the cat. Just chilling out, watching a movie with a bowl of snacks and a cut of tea.

  • I have one particular favourite #SofaMoment. My 7 year old was diagnosed as autistic and I was advised to tell him so he didn’t overhear anyone else discussing it. I sat him down on the sofa, worried about his reaction, I explained about the diagnosis and that it meant he may struggle with certain tasks and situations but it was also what made him funny and clever. I asked if he understood and he replied “yes mummy, autism makes me funny and clever!” It will always stay with me 🙂

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when I got a cuddler sofa and sat on it all day with the kids. Now I dont get a look in!

  • So many #SofaMoments but my favourite one has to be about 3 days after we moved into our ‘forever home’ I realised that I no longer wanted to work in teaching (I was on my sofa marking a mass of books!) and I wanted to be at home with my little boy – it was the greatest realisation ever! I now work from home and savour every moment of my little boy growing up!

  • My fav #sofamoment is when my daughter gets home from work and she lies on the sofa with her blanket watching TV and every single time our little jack Russell climbs up on top of her and uses her as a cushion to go to sleep. We have pictures of her doing it! Really it’s their #sofamoment

  • Finding that special person, who has looked deep inside of you and fallen in love, instead of looking at the broken depressed body that stands defore them, and transforming you into what you are today, loving life instead of dreading it xx I love my wife xx

  • Every Saturday night (hubby works the rest of the week) scented candle, Netflix, chocolate and hubby – perfect! #SofaMoment

  • My daughter had a terrible cold when she was about eight weeks old. She is still a girl who hates missing her sleep but as a baby she was horrendous. I remember my partner and I spending hours walking around rocking this tiny screaming baby, both exhausted. My partner eventually passed out on the sofa then my daughter suddenly fell asleep in my arms so I collapsed next to him hoping to at least close my eyes for a bit. I was shattered (and it didn’t last long) but it was still a lovely hour of total peace listening to my two fav people sleep #SofaMoment

  • My favourite #SOFAMOMENT is when it is cold and raining outside and I’m snuggled up under the throw watching a boxset eating chocolate

  • After a long spell in hospital returning to the comfort and security of our sofa melted away those last few weeks of worry and pain. #SofaMoment

  • when i was a child and i would snuggle up to my dad at night watching films, Titanic was always our favourite 🙂 #SofaMoment #DaddysGirl

  • My favourite sofa moment was when my boyfriend and I finally moved all of the boxes into our flat and could chill out with a cuddle and a glass of wine on the sofa 🙂

  • my best #SofaMoment was me and my partner buying our first home together, sitting down on our very own sofa having snuggles and eating crap with no one breathing over us, no interruptions, it was perfect. Then we bought guinea pigs, and used to give them cuddles and run around on the sofa, then a baby came along and he enjoyed many a naps all on the very same sofa. Now we have sold our house and left the sofa But that means i get a brand new one to make new memories on.

  • My favourite #sofaMoment was in my flat i had a massive sofa from ikea and everyone could sit together -the kids even bounced together, friend would pop over and fall asleep on it happy memmories

  • My absolute favourite #SofaMoment is checking the lottery numbers and discovering I’ve had a nice little Win

  • My first #sofa moment was when I snuggled up with my cute and fluffy Kitten Lucky. I was wearing a chunky, cable knit jumper (that was a very luminous, neon orange colour!) and my kitten was weaving in and out of it brushing his fur against me. As I was sitting on the sofa, he crawled up the jumper and his little ears and big, round green eyes poked out, leaving me in hysterics! Then he burrowed back down and stayed cocooned in my jumper. He stayed their for hours, so I was glued to the sofa unable to lift him or move!
    My next #sofa moment was when my daughters were walking home from school and they spotted something blue and white fly past them. It landed in the tree opposite our house. They crossed the road to get a closer look, and to their amazement, it was a strikingly beautiful blue budgie. They were there for ages, enticing her with bird seed and an old fishing net (from our many happy holidays rock pooling at the beach). My daughter, Lucy caught her and brought her into the house. The budgie flew around the living room and landed on our sofa. She sat there for ages and we fed her bird seed. It was so cute, but also odd to see a bird enjoying the comfy furniture in the house. She also had a soft spot for the cushions!
    My absolute favourite #sofa moment though was when I shared my first kiss. The sun was setting and it was the right moment. We were gazing into each others eyes and then we shared a small kiss. I didn’t know what to expect, but when we kissed everything fell in to place and my wife and I have been together ever since! I love her so much and we have three beautiful daughters, a kitten, and a budgie.
    Here’s a poem about our #sofa moments-
    The kitten snuggled up to my cable-knit clothes,
    Typical for a kitten,
    As everyone knows,
    The kids doing homework,
    Adding up their sums,
    Working out maths problems,
    Hurrah triumph comes!
    Tucking into scrumptious scones,
    Smothered in strawberry jam,
    These are one of the delicious treats,
    Lovingly baked by Nan.
    With the one from my dreams,
    I shared my first kiss
    A moment that I will always reminisce!
    So many moments,
    To love and to share,
    Plenty more to be made,
    On the warm sofa and chair.

  • My top #SofaMoment is all of us, pets included, snuggling up on the sofa with blankets because the boiler was broken & it was freezing cold! We got through quite a few Harry Potter films though! 😉

  • My best sofa moment was with my sister, we sat down on my sofa, tea and biccies in hand, ready to have a good old gossip, when she told me that she was expecting a baby, and I was to be an auntie for the first time! Priceless memories!

  • My #SofaMoment is after a being away camping with the family coming home and flopping on my sofa. As much as i love to camp, those camping chairs were not built for comfort unlike my DFS settee!

  • My fave sofa moment is back in 2014 when I drove myself home from hospital with my new daughter. My husband had spent all night with me while I had an emergency induction due to lack of baby’s movement and her high heart rate. With no sleep throughout the stressful night he was so exhausted that he didn’t feel fit to drive. I had our little girl safely at 6.20am and then he left me by taxi to go back to our other children while the babysitters went home. I slept all day with my new baby, then showered, dressed and discharged myself in the evening as all the checks had been done. Feeling absolutely fine and in no pain, I realized the car was still at the hospital so I drove myself home! I got the most amazing welcome from my other kids who were really excited to see their new sister and I spent all evening on my comfortable sofa cuddling my children. It was so good to be home and definitely my best #SofaMoment

  • Favourite #SofaMoment was watcihgn a fox, a hedgehog and a Stork like Foridian bird fly by while looking in the garden – this is in Ashton Under lyne, near Manchester, the bird was an amazing site on expexts to seen on holiday in hot climates

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was more than 40 years ago when my boyfriend proposed, gave me a beautiful ring and we are still together now as husband and wife

  • My #SofaMoment is when I had lost my car keys and I looked everywhere for them, searching my flat from top to bottom, going absolutely frantic and dissoloving into floods of tears and collapsing on my sofa in despair 🙁 Then I had it: that #SofaMoment, look down the sides of that sofa and yes they were there – I think at that moment I loved my sofa even more than my beloved car!

  • My #SofaMoment was from last year – mum was having treatment so both my parents stayed with me for 8 months – there were days when she was so tiered but wouldnt give in and go to bed so I used to pull the duvet out cover both of us with it on the sofa and hold her hand till she fell asleep. It was the hardest time of my life but sitting under the duvet and just being there for her holds a special memory . Happy to say she is all better now and back in her own home on her own sofa .

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was when I was in a hotel that was supposed to be haunted sitting on one of their sofa’s that faced a window, when all of a sudden a ghostly image of a girl appeared in the window and gave me a fright. When I went and asked the hotel staff about what I had seen I discovered that it was a prank they had set up to scare their guests and live up to their haunted reputation.


  • My favourite Sofa Moment is feet up, The Notebook on, junk food at the ready and spending time with my lovely other half!

  • My favourite #sofamoment is sitting in comfort looking through old photo albums and remembering those who are no longer with us. Happy memories, and not a time to be sad, but be glad that we shared time and experiences together

  • Sitting on the sofa and looking at the results of a pregnancy test and finding out we were expecting a little bundle of joy.

  • My favourite #SofaMoment was on the 15th October 2010…. I had been in labour for about 47 hours and at 2am on that date my waters finally broke! I was desperate to get to the hospital to use the birthing pool and that #SofaMoment meant the hospital could no longer turn me away! Wooohoooo! 5 hours later I was a first time mum!

  • Mine has to be, having the same sofa for over 8 years and the amount of laughter it has seen, I’ve always been the ” cool mum” who let her daughter have sleep overs, and the sofa has doubled up as a bed many a weekend From girls discussing boys and make up, to family members needing a bed for the night, and from friends in need of somewhere safe, its seen it all. So i can’t just make up one night that was special, as they all have been #SofaMoment

  • I love my sofa but it’s now seen better days, I remember having this sofa when my daughter was a tiny prem baby and propping her up on my knees and staring at her. lol. #SofaMoment

  • My #SofaMoment is when our new sofa’s arrived last year. We bought the house, and my lonely old sofa was literally like an island in the middle of the room. We had no other furniture. We indulged and bought 2 big recliners, and my gosh it was like my dreams came true when they arrived. They are the biggest luxury I have ever bought. That first night, me and the other half had great fun reclining them all the way back just because we could!! 🙂 Growing up is overated 🙂 x

  • My #Sofamoment was the realisation that our sofa was unable to get up the stairs too our lounge. We ended up enlisting the help of the neighbours to help us lift it through a first floor window. It was a great neighbour bonding experience though

  • My favourite #sofamoment was in Australia, I was staying at a place in the rainforest called The Sanctuary at Mission Beach and the lodge had a long sofa by the library, I was chilling out listening to morcheeba playing after a sumptuous organic dinner cooked in the lodge. As I gazed up at the window I saw a beautiful brightly coloured tree frog gazing at me, the stuff of dreams really.

  • My favourite sofa moment is when both my children are cuddled up with me on it watching Christmas movies with all the Christmas food

  • My fave #SofaMoment was when I was sick last year – the sick part wasnt good but laying on the sofa snuggled up under blankies with my cats cwtched in with me and watching the sound of music was – it reminded me of when I was a little kid and home from school sick

  • My boys had been away for a week with their dad,first time they have been away from me longer than a day. I missed them like mad. when they came home, we stayed on the sofa for hours, just cwtching. It was lovely, got my weeks worth of kisses 🙂 #SofaMoment

  • My favourite #SofaMoment is every weekend time with the little family lounging around looking out into the garden on a lovely sunny day